Personal Philosophy

I’m ok, you’re ok. It’s ok.

I’m ok, you’re ok. It’s ok.


Welcome again!  My current “limited private pay practice” is conveniently located on Route 132 (East Street Road) in Warminster; serving Central, Upper, and Lower Bucks County, Eastern Montgomery County, as well as Northeast Philadelphia.

The explicit goal of my practice is to teach you to be your own therapist.

My CBT psychotherapy, guided by Aaron T. Beck’s Generic Model of CT (2014), is built around a Biological/Neurological, Psychological, Sociological and Contextual framework which is UNIQUE TO EACH INDIVIDUAL

You and I will commence treatment journey  by collaboratively exploring MAPCBT:

  • Motivation - Purpose and Values

  • Affect - Emotions

  • Physiological - body & symptom presentation and profile

  • Cognitive - Automatic Thoughts, Underlying Beliefs, and Emotional Schema

  • Behavioral Assessment- Behavioral patterns as well as impact of reinforcement patterns

  • Triggers - Internal (physiological) and external (context). 

My approach is driven by YOUR UNIQUE CASE CONCEPTUALIZATION  built upon looking at your current presentation (MAPCBT) as well as your current life narrative, your historical life narrative, emotional experiences, context and daily environment; which together lead to the present moment.

In addition to the aforementioned, I am quite interested in your personal connections, interests, aspirations, and life goals.