Introduction to Dr. Berchick


In my practice of nearly four decades, I am known for being client-centered, working collaboratively with the values and goals of the individual.   I strive to guide you towards identifying your unique core strengths and building upon them. We will work together to help you identify your implicit and explicit memories and perceptions which affect the way you might feel, behave, and perceive things.

Our mutually agreed upon goals of therapy will determine the uniquely tailored treatment plan.  Together, you and I will explore and learn strategies to tackle obstacles which interfere with obtaining a balance of emotions, behaviors, and perceptions.

In addition to being a Psychotherapist and a Clinical Supervisor, I have research experience in Depression, Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, Suicide Prediction and Prevention, Special Teens at Risk, various forms of Social Anxiety, and more.

Among other writings, I co-authored six, often cited professional journal articles and co-authored chapters for two edited professional books. I have been a presenter or co-presenter at over 40 professional lectures or conferences, nationally and internationally. 

I was a member of the ABCT’s Dissemination and Implantation Science Special Interest Group, where I was also a member of the Acceptability Measure Work Group.

Additionally, I was a member of ABCT’s Neurocognitive Therapies/Translational Research Special Interest Group, where I served on the 2016 Conference Planning Committee.

I have provided consultation services to private businesses.  In addition, I served in various roles and functions for Township Police Departments, such as hostage negotiations, crises interventions, and provided Post-Traumatic Treatment for police officers.

I have been interviewed by several newspapers, popular magazines, and have appeared on local news broadcasts.

For more objective perceptions, please read the professional recommendation letters.  Please see my CV as well.